DNS Dumpster Rental

About Us

DNS Dumpster is a hometown company founded late in 2020 to service the Omaha metro area, with are headquarters located in Blair.  Sitting down and coming up with a company name seemed to be the hardest part starting out.  I asked family, friends, and even my kids!!  Believe it or not, the kids had the best idea, name it after family.  So, we did…Danielle, Nora, and Sawyer.  My wife and 2 daughters.  We are a small company with just myself, Andy Egan, running the phone and the dumpsters.  But I couldn’t do it without the help of family and friends.  DNS Dumpster started out as a dream (like all business does), a pickup, and a dump trailer.  In our first year of business, we have grown from that setup, investing in a Hook lift Truck and 6 dumpsters.  I set a goal in 2021 for DNS to rent 100 dumpsters before the year was over and we came so close!  We rented 89 dumpsters in 2021 and look to double that for 2022!  I try to give people the hometown treatment when it comes to renting a dumpster.  Going the extra mile to make a situation work when sometimes other companies won’t or can’t.